Local Transportation

Muni map:
Destination: 24th Street & Mission

BART map:
Destination: 24th Street station

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24th Street Cultural Corridor
with Sights & Culture, Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, and Map

Historical Map of Mission

Street Art - 24th St.

Mission Library
300 Bartlett St.
San Francisco, 94110
(415) 355-2800

Lodging*: Air BnB, Inns, or Sublets

Consider neighborhoods surrounding LDB workshops: The Mission, Bernal Heights, Noe Valley, Potrero Hill
* Please note: Hotels near Bart stations and tourist destinations tend to have higher traffic and crime elements. (ex: Civic Center, Powell, 16th St.)

Air BnB Mission District

Air BnB search - dates Aug. 4-8

San Francisco Weather, not SoCal

San Francisco summers have scant in common with summers elsewhere. Marked by billowing white fog, the majestic product of sea spray, wind and Central Valley heat, San Francisco summers are characteristically overcast and cool, while the marine layer usually burns off by the afternoon. By late August, however, the fog thins and produces the iconic white finger pouring through the Golden Gate Bridge, rolling over Treasure Island and splaying against the Berkeley and Oakland hills, missing much of San Francisco altogether.