Mission District Mural Tour

Friday 8/4 2-4pm

Location: Mission District
Featuring: Precita Eyes Muralist

A Precita Eyes Muralist will lead this walking tour through the Mission District and 24th Street corridor, offering cultural/historical commentary and answering questions. Participants are encouraged to take photos and allow the artwork to inspire writing. The first 30 people to sign up will get a spot!

“A mural is a bridge to the community. The artists communicate with the people; meetings are held to discuss the issues. The result is a reflection - a mirror of that community.”
- Susan Cervantes
Muralist & Co-founder of Precita Eyes

As an inner city, community-based mural arts organization, Precita Eyes Muralists Association seeks to enrich and beautify urban environments and educate communities locally and internationally about the process and the history of public community mural art. We maintain a deep commitment to collaborating with the various communities we serve. Our dedication to collaboration guarantees that creative work produced is accessible, both physically and conceptually, to the people whose lives it impacts. We intend to bring art into the daily lives of people through a process which enables them to reflect their particular concerns, joys and triumphs. For more information, check out

Opening Reception

Friday 8/4 6:30-9pm

Location: Mission Cultural Center
Featuring Marga Gomez & La Mixta Criolla

Marga Gomez:

Marga Gomez is known for her work in solo performance and stand up comedy and for being one of the first openly lesbian performers in the nation. She has appeared on LOGO’s “One Night Stand Up,” Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival,” Comedy Central’s “Out There" and HBO’s “Comic Relief” at the invitation of Robin Williams who called her “Amazing… a lesbian Lenny Bruce.” She has been a guest on leading comedy podcasts Marc Maron’s "WTF," "The Keith and The Girl Show” and Kevin Allison's "Risk." Her comic style has been described as “deliciously cheeky and incendiary” by the New York Times and “salaciously surreal” by the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a regular at SF Comedy Day and has been featured at numerous comedy festivals including SF Sketchfest, Montreal’s Just For Laughs, South Beach Comedy Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The SF Weekly named Gomez one of “2016’s Artists To Watch.” Huffpost named her an "Agent of Change" in 2015. She is also a GLAAD Award winner, a Theater LA "Ovation Award" winner and triple winner of the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s “Best of The Bay Comedian Award.” Marga has written several solo plays and also teaches solo performance in classrooms and online and is a tenured Artist-in-Residence at Brava Theater. She lives in San Francisco.
Marga Gomez's site

La Mixta Criolla
La Mixta Criolla is a music ensemble inspired by the rich and diverse musical culture of Puerto Rico and the greater Caribbean. La Mixta’s repertoire of originals, and funky renditions of traditional tunes, features a variety of swinging Caribbean grooves, from plena, bomba, guaracha jíbara, seis and aguinaldo, to merengue, son, rumba, cumbia and salsa. La Mixta's sound is based on the mix of "cueros, cuerdas y voces" – skins, strings, and vocals – with bongó, panderos, barriles, congas, cajón, güícharo and maracas, the Puerto Rican cuatro (a ten string guitar descendant of North African instruments that came to the Caribbean via Spain), bass and vocals.

In Puerto Rico, "una mixta" is the quintessential combination of rice and beans with a meat and/or vegetable accompaniment. Every small restaurant or "fonda" has its mixta of the day and patrons know they can count on getting a home style meal full of flavor and, in many cases, love. In the Latin Caribbean at large the term "criolla/o" refers to the blend of African, Spanish-Mediterranean, and Aboriginal cultural influences that give some of the region’s cultures their distinctive character and flavor. Our Mixta combines a variety of these influences to cook up a musical stew worthy of the most humble fonda!!! and

Faculty Reading

Saturday 8/5 6-9pm

Location: Alleycat Books

Film Night

Sunday 8/6 6-9pm

featuring “Craving Cuba” by Zuzy Martín Lynch, and “Farias: An Afro Uruguayan Love Story” by Pamela Harris & Carolina De Robertís, followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers

Location: TBD

“Craving Cuba” by Zuzy Martín Lynch
Craving Cuba is a documentary film about Cuban-Americans and their complicated relationship with Cuba. This is a story about identity, family, exile and hope. Follow the journey of a Cuban-American woman who was born in New Jersey to Cuban-exiles and has never been to Cuba. Although she has always felt very American, there was always a strong pull to the other half of her identity. Like most in the exiled community, she grew up not being able to go to Cuba. After the December 17th announcement by President Barack Obama, everything changes. Timely, entertaining and thought provoking, Craving Cuba is a deeply American story, one that focuses through the Cuban-American lens in a time when the whole world is obsessed with Cuba.

Zuzy Martín Lynch is a Cuban-American filmmaker. Her award-winning Craving Cuba (2016) is a documentary about the Cuban-American experience and her own complicated relationship with Cuba. Passionate about storytelling, advocacy, and entrepreneurship, Zuzy is currently Executive Producer of PowerTale Productions and lives with her husband and son in San Anselmo.

“Farias: An Afro Uruguayan Love Story” by Pamela Harris & Carolina De Robertís
In 2012, Harris embarked on a Fulbright Grant to Uruguay to gather documentary footage of the Afro Uruguayan population. People of African descent are more than 8% of the Uruguayan population, and yet their significant contributions to the nation’s development remain largely hidden. Harris and her co-producer, Carolina De Robertis, will share a short film that transports viewers to the quiet rural town of Melo, where a man shares his memories of his mother who was, in her time, the last known living Uruguayan person born in slavery. What results is a nuanced meditation on mother-son love, the struggles of a people, and the deep connections between national histories and intimate life.

Pamela Harris is a documentary producer and director who has worked on projects including the Oscar-nominated Last Day of Freedom, and the PBS film Waging a Living, among others. Carolina De Robertis is a novelist of Uruguayan origins whose books have been translated into seventeen languages and have received numerous honors and awards. They are a married couple and live in Oakland, California, with their two children.

Full moon reading at Lunada Literary Lounge

Monday 8/7 6-9pm

Location: Galería de la Raza
Curated & Hosted by Sandra García Rivera

LUNADA is the Bay Area’s only full moon bilingual literary ritual & performance gathering, devoted to spoken word, música, story and open mic. A Bay Area literary ritual for 17 years, Lunada was founded at Chacho’s Mexican Restaurant in San Jose, to provide a space for bilingual Latino writers to share their voices, based on the Latin American tradition of gathering under the full moon to share poetry, story, and food. Lunada later found a home in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco at Galería de la Raza, and was recently voted the BEST LITERARY NIGHT by the SF Bay Guardian’s 2016 Best of the Bay Awards. Guest curated by some of the Bay Area’s most dynamic word slingers and artists, each Lunada amplifies community poets, published authors, roving emcees, thespians, musicians, first-timers, veteranos, local legends, visiting mystics, and other mero meros of the stage, under the full moon. and

Sandra García Rivera is an award-winning Nuyorican poet and vocalist who has captured audiences throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, and Europe as a spoken word performer, and alongside Latin Jazz and roots music legends. She has penned two chapbooks: Divination of the Mistress, and Shoulder High, and published two art editions of her internationally acclaimed poem That Kiss (Ediciones Mixtas). Her poems and writing have appeared in the Hostos Review, the Centro Journal, Urban Latino Magazine, The Los Angeles Review, and have been anthologized in Caribbean Erotic, and Breaking Ground/Abriendo Caminos: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers, among others. She was the recipient of a 2015 Artist-In-Residence from the Headlands Center of the Arts, at work on a forthcoming full collection of poetry. She has recorded on numerous albums as a guest artist, is the current Host & Curator of Lunada Literary Lounge at Galeria de la Raza, and performs in the SF Bay Area as a vocalist and percussionist with La Mixta Criolla. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @sgrpoet and

Las Dos Brujas Open Mic & Closing Reception

Tuesday 8/8 6-9pm

Location: Brava Studio